Bench Mark  n.  
            1. a mark on a stone post or other permanent feature, used as a reference point in surveying.  
       2. a criterion by which to measure something; a reference point.

Let us be the Bench Mark by which you measure others.

A is for Architecture,	
        B is for Building,
	one thing leads to the other.
A is for Asking,	
        B’s for a Bench Mark,
     to put the two things together.
C is for Choice,	
        D’s for a Decision,
	but what to do for the best.
C’s for Commission,	
        D’s for a Design,
	then leave us to do the rest.

	It’s as simple as A B C D, everyone has to start somewhere, call Bench Mark Designs to discuss your proposals, then the choice is yours.
    Bench Mark Designs is a small architectural practice operating since 1991, we are based in York, but are carrying out contracts throughout the region and all over the country.
	We are currently involved in all types of projects from small domestic alterations to new build housing, industrial and commercial work.   As a practice we specialise in restoration and renovation of historic, listed and even derelict buildings.
	The practice policy is to give the client the benefit of our experience by offering an initial appraisal on the viability of any proposed project on a one off fee and any further work on an agreed fixed fee basis.
	So if we can be of any assistance to you or your clients please don‘t hesitate to contact us as we are here to assist you. Bench Mark Designs Part of a Development of 16 Houses from the offices of Bench Mark Designs